Show status image in SharePoint column

Recently, I was discussing a clever trick with a colleague, for showing HTML in a SharePoint column.  

For SP2003 and SP2007, you needed to include some additional JavaScript (TEXT2HTML / examples) – but with SharePoint 2010 + 2013, you can do it using a calculated column.

Source column : Priority

Firstly, we need to add a column that we’ll use at the ‘checker’ column – this might be something like a STATUS column, or % COMPLETE, or PRIORITY.

  • Create Column : Priority
  • Type : Number


Add some List Data

Just add a few items to the list – and pick some priorities.


You can do whatever VIEWS, or SORTING or GROUPING – whatever…!

Find some images

Use your favourite search engine to look up some status images – I found a cool set here (more instructions here) :


Save these images locally – and upload to your SharePoint site – eg. SiteAssets, or Style Library.  I’ve loaded mine into an “IMG” folder.

Eg.   /Style Library/IMG/red.png

Calculated column

We can now do the magic + fun bit.

  • Create a calculated column : Indicator
  • Type : Calculated
  • Formula :

=”<DIV><img src='” & IF(Priority=1, “/Style Library/IMG/red.png”, IF(Priority=2,”/Style Library/IMG/yellow.png”, IF(Priority=3,”/Style Library/IMG/green.png”, IF(Priority=4,”/Style Library/IMG/blue.png”)))) & “‘></DIV>”

This is essentially doing the following :

  • If Status = 1, put an IMG tag for RED
  • If Status = 2, put an IMG tag for YELLOW
  • etc

NB.  The way that the formula works is like EXCEL :

  • IF (condition, TRUE, FALSE)

This method (above) is nesting these :

  • IF (condition1, IMAGE, IF (condition2, IMAGE, IF (condition3, IMAGE, IMAGE ) ) )

Click back to your list to view your column :


What the !!?!    It’s just showing HTML !!


The UberMagic Tip

You’d be thinking that this is a “dud” tip – and you’ll need some “TEXT2HTML” JavaScript and so on – which would be annoying.

But no – the amazingly simple tip is this :

  • Change the return type to be a NUMBER.

Yep.   If defies logic – and doesn’t make sense – might even be a BUG !

But – it works.


Take a bow

If you’ve done the steps correctly, it should look like this :


Too easy – right !!?!

** You might need to include the ‘site collection’ prefix within the formula – pro tip !

=”<DIV><img src='” & IF(Priority=1, “/sites/SC1/Style Library/IMG/red.png”, IF(Priority=2,”/sites/SC1/Style Library/IMG/yellow.png”, IF(Priority=3,”/sites/SC1/Style Library/IMG/green.png”, IF(Priority=4,”/sites/SC1/Style Library/IMG/blue.png”)))) & “‘></DIV>”

Next ideas

Check this blog for some other renditions – very cool !



Let me know if you like this tip – my buddy DanCol was #MindBlown over this one !


3 thoughts on “Show status image in SharePoint column

  1. Piwi September 5, 2016 / 1:49 pm



  2. Salvador June 16, 2017 / 9:21 am

    I used this trick already a couple of times and just tried it with SharePoint Online (O365)
    Using SP Online the HTML text is shown and not the Image.
    Any Suggestion to get it working on SP Online as well?
    Thanks a lot


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