There are many, many articles to be found on this blog. SharePoint is my main area of work (daytime) – and a lot of testing+play (nighttime).

My specialty is with regard to SharePoint “publishing” sites, but have worked on and implemented many other solutions covering document management, collaboration and workflow, portals, team sites and so forth.

Hopefully you’ll find something useful – everything from code snippets & examples – to simple re-posts from Microsoft, or other blogs – as well as some free utility bits & pieces – starting with the SCA.

Utilities :

Tutorials, code samples & tips :

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Utilities – Overview

The SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) environment can be termed a “platform” with a variety of opportunities for developers to add, extend and include custom functionality within the specific solution.

To assist the developer out there, I’ve created some utilities (one so far – another in “dev”) for help with the various XML and config files that are needed.

Refer to some of the articles (links above) for more intro/overview.

WebParts -> SafeControls

With the development of “WebParts”, there’s some confusion around how to “deploy” them – a few hoops to jump through, before being able to use within SharePoint. Click here for a 101 article about developing WebParts.

When deploying, the developer is required to “Add to Safe Controls” – a bit of a tedious approach, with checking Global Assembly Cache (GAC) for PublicKeyToken, and manually modifying the [web.config] file.

To assist with these few manual steps, I’ve created a new utility for use within the SharePoint world.

SafeControl Adder (SCA)

Click here for download link.


Instructions :

(1) Use Visual Studio to develop your WebPart with required code (logic) & User Interface (UI) – as you would normally do.

(2) Ensure you have a “Strong Name” assigned to your assembly (sn -> PublicKey)

(3) Build the project in Visual Studio

(3) Add the resultant DLL to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) – using GACUTIL, or drag to C:WindowsAssembly folder

(4) Open Safe Control Adder

(5) Choose the DLL from your project folder

(6) Choose the [web.config] for your SharePoint instance :


(7) Option : Create Backup. Will copy the existing [web.config] file, and save using date/time stamp

(8) Option : IIS Reset. Following the update to the [web.config], SCA can perform the required re-start of Internet Information Services (IIS).

The program will add the necessary entry to the web.config folder.

**NOTE : In order to use the control within SharePoint, you must “provision” the WebPart within the WebParts gallery.

Click Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings.

Under the list entitled “Galleries”- select WebParts.

Just need to tick the box for your newly added WebPart – and “Populate Gallery”


And when you go back to your Web Page, click “Edit Page”, and select to Add a Web Part.

Download SafeControl Adder :

License : Freeware.

Send me an email, or leave a comment if you find it useful, and what you’re developing within SharePoint (!)

Please let me know of any issues / bugs / problems / comments !


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