Find Nintex Forms (Office 365)

As part of a recent migration project, I was needing to find “WHERE” have Nintex Forms been created/used.

For a given SharePoint list, the form is shown immediately when clicking on a “NEW” item. This is the classic old ‘NewForm.aspx’ address – and also ‘EditForm.aspx’ and ‘DispForm.aspx’

But – I couldn’t find how this is being redirected by Nintex, when a Form is published. Neither via PowerShell, or REST API.

Even looking at a SharePoint List from SharePoint Designer !

It turns out that they’re using some settings against the ‘Default Content Type’ for the list – which is “ITEM”.

As seen below, the three magic forms are directing to ‘NFLaunch.aspx’.

So – I’ve created a PowerShell script that does the following ;

  • Input list of Sites
  • Check each SPList
  • Find the first content type – default CT [0]
  • Check to see if the ‘NFLaunch’ is in the form link

Click here to view the entire script, within my GitHub repo ;